Thurs, Jan 3 | 7pm-8:30pm

The Sound of Imagination: The Gottabees’ Guide to Musical Collaboration


Liz Linder

Presented by Brendan Burns, Tony Leva, and Bonnie Duncan of The Gottabees


Thurs, Jan 3 | 7pm-8:30pm

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Thursday, Jan 3 | 7pm-8:30pm

Puppeteers, musicians, dancers and theater actors each speak their own creative and technical languages.  So, just how do they communicate?  Learn how The Gottabees discovered their secrets of sonic success in this unique, interactive clinic featuring composers Brendan Burns & Tony Leva with puppeteer Bonnie Duncan.  Ideal for musicians, composers, sound designers, and theatre artists of any discipline who are interested in musical collaboration.

LEVEL: All levels | Ages 18+


COST$30 Nonmenbers | $20 Members 

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