Puppet Donations

Thank you for your interest in making a puppet donation to the Center for Puppetry Arts! We accept donations for three purposes: museum exhibition, education, and the annual String Fling Gala auction. 


The Center for Puppetry Arts Museum accepts donations of puppets only if it intends to accession them into its collections. The Museum must be very selective out of necessity to ensure that objects acquired are appropriate to the collection's mission statement and can be properly cared for and displayed. A sub-committee formed from the Center’s Museum Advisory board will be the deciding factor in accepting Museum pieces. Fractional interest in an object, whereby the donor retains a percentage of ownership, is not acceptable. Both the donor and an authorized representative of the Center must sign a deed of gift for transferring full ownership of the item(s) to the Center. There are numerous considerations for both donors and the museum in arranging a gift. 


Puppets donated to the Education Department will be used in our hands-on education workshops and demonstrations. The Center for Puppetry Arts offers engaging and interactive workshops, residencies, and live webinars/videoconferencing to allow learners of all ages and experience levels to explore and enjoy the art of puppetry. 

String Fling Gala Auction

Puppets donated to the String Fling Auction will be auctioned at the event to raise money for The Center for Puppetry Arts. String Fling is the annual fundraising gala for the Center for Puppetry Arts, raising over $200,000 each year to help support the Center’s arts-infused educational programming. These funds also help the Center to provide approximately 70,000 deeply discounted and free admissions for children each year. The Center must be selective about which puppets to accept for auction in order to ensure that donations are in keeping with the Center’s guidelines for acceptable and desired auction items. 

How to donate

After reading the information above, if you are interested in making a donation, please fill out the brief form below. All inquiries regarding gifts to Center for Puppetry Arts are completely confidential. For further questions about donating gifts or bequests of objects, please contact the Museum Collections Manager at 


Potential Museum Donation Info Sheet