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Lamb Chop 2.0

Lamb Chop 2.0
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Sat, April 26, 2014
Downstairs Theater
Recommended for ages 4 & up

•Sat: 3pm

In celebration of National Day of Puppetry on Saturday, April 26, enjoy puppeteer Mallory Lewis, and the iconic Lamb Chop, as they return to Atlanta audiences with Lamb Chop 2.0: Everything You Wanted To Know About Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, But Were Afraid to Ask, hosted by Nicolosi.

As one of the many highlights of the National Day of Puppetry, patrons will be able to meet the loveable Lamb Chop and her ‘kid sister’ Mallory Lewis, daughter of the late Shari Lewis, whose performances never fail to rekindle cherished memories in those who grew up enjoying the charismatic duo her mother created. The performance, hosted by world-renowned artist Nicolosi, salutes over 70 years of Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop. Everyone’s favorite lamb will be further honored by the launch of a new commemorative United States Postal Service stamp, featuring Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop and painted by Nicolosi, to be on display in the Center’s museum during the celebration.

About Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop
As the daughter of a beloved children’s entertainer, Emmy® Award winner Mallory Lewis has been deeply involved in children’s entertainment her entire life. Following her mother’s passing in 1998, Lewis began appearing with Lamb Chop at live and televised events, entertaining at thousands of venues as varied as the Kennedy Center, cruise ships, performing arts centers and military bases around the world. Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop love touring with the USO, entertaining the troops and their families. In fact, Lamb Chop was recently “pinned” by a Marine General, and now makes Lewis salute her before every show! Lewis and Lamb Chop have received several performance awards including the Citation of Excellence, American puppetries highest honor, by UNIMA-USA, the U.S. branch of the international puppetry association.

About Nicolosi
Although he has been painting virtually his entire life and studied privately with several of the art world’s most renowned fine artists, Nicolosi has enjoyed being a practicing dentist in Chicago for the past three decades. His broad-stroke artwork is intense and reflects the passion embodied in this modern day mono-moniker artist. Dr. Eileen Guggenheim personally chose Nicolosi's artwork to hang in the New York Academy of Arts, and included Nicolosi on Guggenheim’s list of the Top One Hundred Artists in the United States. The New York Academy of Arts was started by Dr. Guggenheim and Andy Warhol in 1982. Thus began the Nicolosi/Warhol comparison. “Entertainment Tonight” Executive Producer: Linda Bell Blue, dubbed Nicolosi, The Artist to The Stars, stating that: “Nicolosi is America’s most acclaimed pop artist. He is the ideal choice to create paintings benefiting charities endorsed by the Entertainment Industry.”

Tickets for Lamb Chop 2.0 include Museum admission, as well as the Create-A-Puppet Workshop (or To-Go Kit), where children can make their own sock puppet.

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