Associate Technical Director


The Center for Puppetry Arts is accepting resumes for the full-time position of Associate Technical Director (ATD). The ATD works directly with the Technical Director (TD) to improve the operation of the scene shop, which oversees the staging, scenic, rigging and soft good needs of Center productions and projects.  The TD will assign responsibilities as needed and set the manner in which they are to be executed.  The ATD will then be responsible for the planning, execution, and completion of said responsibilities.  In addition to these responsibilities, the ATD also assists in the technical needs of the Center as a whole.  Design opportunities may become available but are not the focus of this position.

Direct reports are:

  • Overhire Scenic Crew
  • Scenic Interns (if assigned)

The Center for Puppetry Arts is the largest nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to the art form of puppetry.  The Center’s mission is to inspire imagination, education, and community through the global art of puppetry.  


  • Responsibilities for this position will be assigned by the TD.  Though the TD and the ATD will often collaborate, the ATD will commonly be expected to complete their task with little supervision.  Many of the common tasks run parallel to the TD’s and will likely include any of the following:
  • Support Production department activities and personnel.  Activities may include, but are not limited to, theatre productions, events, fundraisers, and tours.
    • Facilitate effective communication of scenic element needs with designers, directors, and producers.
    • Generate, maintain, and distribute accurate and clear technical specifications for production spaces and facilities.
    • Assist in research and development to find solutions for upcoming and existing department challenges.
    • Oversee general safety and compliance with all safety regulations in relation to Production Department.
    • Design, budget, draw, build, etc. potential projects for all departments at the Center requiring on-site construction, and maintain records of expenses on each project.
    • Maintain an atmosphere of constructive communication and professional courtesy with all staff, patrons, vendors and Center stakeholders.
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement actions that lead to successful departmental productions, such as but not limited to:
    • Installation and strike of scenic elements in such a manner as to conform to common safety practices while endeavoring to maintain previously agreed-upon time schedules.
    • Coordinate scenic needs and facilitate load in of guest artists.
    • Attend all meetings, tech notes sessions, run-throughs, and technical, dress and preview performances, unless excused by Production Manager or Producer.
    • Maintain technical and aesthetic aspects of shows in rehearsal and while on stage.
    • Maintain and develop show documentation for staging, scenery, rigging, and soft goods.
    • Draft groundplans, sections, rigging plots, soft good plots in a clear and thorough manner on an as needed basis.
    • Proactively inspect scenic elements on a regular basis in order to catch issues before they become problems.
    • Update and archive all other show-related paperwork, such as but not limited to: elements lists, budget spreadsheets, and paint touch-up documents.
    • Photograph and archive scenic elements in a clear and thorough manner such as to aid in future remounts of the production.
    • Store the production following strike in an efficient manner in order to lessen restoration needs for future remounts.
  • Maintain current shows as the tech on duty
    • Make repairs or adjustments in a timely manner as requested by Stage Manager.
    • Repair or adjust puppets and lighting, per Stage Manager request, when those personnel are not available.
    • Coordinate with Puppet Shop and Electrics Shop in order to better understand their preferences for repairs and adjustments.
  • Facilitate the remount of previous productions.
    • Prep remount scenery, which will require review of archived drawings, photos, and video.
    • May require re-engineering, reconstruction, repair, and/or repainting of scenic elements
    • Communicate with designers, directors, stage managers, and producers to understand past challenges and coordinate possible solutions.
  • Build new department and department-sponsored productions and events.
    • Maintain effective communication with designers, director, and other colleagues assigned to the build in order to assure the production meets departmental criteria.
    • Ensure the timely and safe manufacture of all scenic elements.
    • Draft shop drawings that provide clear intent and goals for the shop crew.
    • Draft show paperwork including, but not limited to: ground plan, rigging plot, and soft good plot.
    • Engineer all scenery to meet Center load in and storage requirements.
    • Design technical solutions for the movement, function, structure, and general safety of the set.
    • Determine and execute rigging needs.
    • Choose all methods and materials for construction.
  • Crew Management
    • Lead scenic crew in the changeover of shows, which includes installing the scenic, rigging, and soft good needs.
    • Arrange hiring of scenic overhire crew needed
    • Supervise scenic internships
    • Foster a positive, encouraging, and efficient work environment for scenic crew and those they interact with at the Center.
  • Shop Management
    • Maintain Scene Shop, tools and equipment, two theater spaces, rehearsal hall, and soft goods inventory.
    • Maintain warehouse and accommodate all storage needs of Center productions.
    • Maintain inventory paperwork, such as spreadsheets and draftings.


  • Support Museum activities as assigned by Production Manager or Producer
    • Drafting, budgeting, engineering and construction of new exhibits
    • Run scenic load-ins for new exhibits
    • Assist Museum Preparator as needed with service, repair, and upgrades.
    • Use research and development to provide solutions for special projects
  • Provide tech support for special projects and events
  • Participate in execution of off-site Center activities such as fundraisers and marketing events.
  • Consult with facilities, education, and marketing departments on materials and methods for their projects.
  • Secure the building and set alarm, as needed.
  • Serve as part of the Emergency Action Team
  • Collaborate with Facilities Manager regarding facilities safety; consult with outside contractors and project managers as needed.
  • Assist electrics crew with hang, focus, notes, sound, or video should the need arise.

Physical Demands

  • Comfortable working on ladders (all spaces have dead-hung grids)
  • Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds regularly
  • Ability to move and manipulate 85 pound ladders
  • Specific Vision Requirements: Color Vision & Depth Perception
  • Ability to hear well in noisy environment.


  • 3-5 Years of professional experience with 1 year of supervisory experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in technical theatre or related field, MFA preferred
  • Available to work some nights, week-ends, and possible holidays
  • Valid Driver’s License


  • Motivated and responsible
  • Team-oriented attitude
  • Courteous and professional demeanor
  • Enjoy problem solving and organization
  • Skills in crew management and scheduling
  • Shop and inventory management
  • Not afraid of puppets
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Vectorworks
  • Healthy sense of humor required
  • Knowledge of theatre drafting standards
  • Understanding of scenic construction techniques
  • Rigging skills, especially in a dead-hung space
  • Finer woodworking, furniture, and house construction knowledge a plus
  • Carving and sculpting foam and other media
  • Metalworking abilities, especially welding, cold assembly, forming
  • Sharing of knowledge, processes, and ideas
  • Ability to visually inspect and direct color-matching efforts
  • Capable to assist with paint as needed
  • General stage electrics knowledge (Lighting, Sound, Video)
  • Vested interest in developing personal skill sets


  • Health Insurance
  • Disability, Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Vacation/Personal Days – 14 days
  • Sick Leave – 6 days
  • 8 paid holidays off
  • Museum Store Discounts
  • Free show tickets
  • Free parking

            Access to:

  • Group Dental and Vision Insurance
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan


Please send cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to: No phone calls, please. Or mail to: Center for Puppetry Arts, Attn:  HR, 1404 Spring St. N.W., Atlanta, GA  30309-2820. 

Please note any attachment over 10 MB may need to be sent in separate emails. 

No phone calls please.  If you have questions, please email