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We heard you. You told us how much you love our live, interactive content, so this week we’re inviting you to a LIVE Make It! workshop with Mr. Jeffery. 

We’re also thrilled that so many of you are enjoying our digital library on-demand. We’re super excited to announce the release of another title this week.  Don’t forget, there’s a whole library of Center productions available On Demand anytime on Vimeo!

Puppet on, people!

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As our @Home program offerings continue to expand, so do the platforms on which they will be presented. All of our FREE is on Facebook, paid content will be on Zoom, and on-demand content is available on Vimeo.

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A Live, Interactive Workshop

Make It!

Thur, June 4 @ 1pm EDT
Ages 7+

Make your very own paper bag mask from materials found around your home.

Mr. Jeffrey will guide you every step of the way in this live, interactive workshop!

Materials needed: one or more paper bags | scissors | tape or glue | markers or crayons | construction paper | decorating materials

Cost: $8.00 | Available via Zoom

Tickets are on sale until 12pm EDT on June 4

Now Available On-Demand

Each rental includes a behind-the-scenes bonus feature. 
Rent today for only $5.00!

The Reluctant Dragon

Adapted and performed by Bobby Box
Based on the story by Kenneth Grahame

He’s green! He’s winged! He’s Huge! He’s…a poet? Why yes, he is. And a very good one at that!

A peaceful dragon moves into a nice clean cave in the mountains and becomes friends with a young boy.  The town below is frightened, so they hire Sir George the Dragon Slayer! Will the boy be able to save his friend the Dragon?

This classic from Kenneth Grahame, acclaimed author of The Wind in the Willows, comes magically to life with rod puppets.

Click here to see our entire digital library!

After you watch The Reluctant Dragon create your very own Reluctant Dragon with our Create-A-Puppet Workshop™ puppet kits.

These kits are custom-designed to accompany our on-demand puppet shows. We invite you to visit our Etsy shop to see all of our Create-A-Puppet Workshop™ puppet kits.

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This week’s FREE programming includes a variety of puppet shows, workshops, Museum tours, and a daily visit with King Raisin. All of this programming can be found in the video tab of our Facebook page.