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Puppetry From Around the World

Take a deeper dive into the Puppetry of Asia, Puppetry of Europe and Puppetry Basics by exploring these three engaging video collections! Each collection contains numerous short videos on specific topics or areas that support a larger theme, making them PERFECT to use for a variety of schedules, educational settings, and curriculums.

Available video collections to rent on-demand, See links below:

*PUPPETRY OF ASIA: Ningyo Joruri (one of Japan’s classics theatre forms), Masks Rods & Shadows (an overview of Indonesian puppetry), Wayang Kulit (a focused exploration of shadow puppet theatre of Indonesia), Budaixi (glove puppetry of Taiwan), Great Stories and Dancing Dolls (puppetry of India), Vietnamese Water Puppetry.

CLICK HERE to rent Puppetry of Asia.

*PUPPETRY OF EUROPE: Dr. Balanzone (glove puppetry of Bologna, Italy), Opera Dei Pupi (Italy’s treasured marionette tradition), Mr. Punch & His Swazzle (glove puppetry of England), Karaghoz & Hacivat (traditional Turkish shadow puppet theatre), Guignol (France’s “puppet of the people”). 

CLICK HERE to rent Puppetry of Europe.

*PUPPETRY BASICS: What is a Puppet?, Movement and Stillness, Entrances/Exits/Floor, Focus and Transfer of Energy, Meaningful Movement/Lip Sync.

CLICK HERE  to rent Puppetry Basics.

Duration: 35-40 Minutes

Fee: $15

Note: Available for one-week rental on the Center for Puppetry Arts’ Vimeo page

Aretta Baumgartner
Education Director
Aretta is a performer/teaching artist specializing in puppetry, mask, and movement. She’s been a professional puppeteer since 1992. Aretta oversees more than 50 distinct types of educational programming and outreach. She is an active performer, teacher and creator of new works for puppetry. As a testament to her leadership in the puppetry community, Aretta was recently elected President of the Puppeteers of America.
Jeff Domke
Associate Education Director
Jeff Domke (aka: Puppet Dude) has been a professional puppeteer, Teaching Artist, and puppet designer for over 25 years. He began his professional career as a puppeteer at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, performing in a variety of shows and parades. He has since performed in internationally syndicated children’s’ television shows. Since 2001, Jeff has worked at the Center for Puppetry Arts. He has presented International Puppetry workshops at various festivals and events worldwide.
Damon Young
Teaching Artist
Damon has been with the Center for Puppetry Arts for 14 years, and is the Lead Teaching Artist in the Education Department. He loves learning new things and is a part-time ethnomusicologist. He is on The Georgia Council for the Arts teaching artist registry, and the founder of his own shadow puppet performance company, Mr. Damon’s Shadow Puppet Theater.