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Directed, adapted, and puppeteered by Jake Krakovsky, “Labzik” features narration adapted from Dr. Miriam Udel’s new English translation and Yiddish dialogue from Chaver Paver’s original text.

Labzik: Tales of a Clever Pup follows the (mis)adventures of a clever mutt named Labzik and the working-class Jewish family that adopts him. Balancing playful humor with gritty realism, the stories find Labzik and the other residents of the Bronx up against social and political forces that are no less relevant today: unemployment, political protest, racism, police brutality, and even an airborne disease.

This trilingual Yiddish-English-Yinglish short film is produced in cinematic “miniature theater” style, employing nearly 200 lavishly illustrated paper puppets (designed/created by Ryan Bradburn) to evoke the ink illustrations of the 1935 original. Labzik: Tales of a Clever Pup was originally developed and produced by Theater Emory, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Location: Mainstage Theater

Run Time: 1.5 hours

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