Digital Learning Workshop | Ages 10+ | Online
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Puppetry Pro Series

Presented Via Zoom

Learn about traditional Japanese Bunraku-style rod puppets by examining puppets and replicas from the Center’s global museum collection. Observe how teamwork is required to bring these puppets to life through video excerpts of master puppeteers at work. Then build your jointed rod puppet using nothing but recycled newspaper, masking tape, and craft sticks.


Capacity: 50

Cost: $35 (per individual)

Program Length: 1.5 Hours

Supplies Needed: Newspaper and Masking Tape

Meet the Presenter

Digital Learning Director
Sara Burmenko
Sara started her career at the Center in 2000, after receiving her degree in Education. Her first position was in the Education department, where she was able to combine her passion for the arts, as well as her love for teaching. Throughout her time at the Center, Sara took on many different roles, settling in the Digital Learning Department. In 2016, she became the department’s director and has continued to expand its award-winning programming. Digital Learning is currently in all 50 states and 88 countries.

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