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A Beloved Children's Tale Comes to Life


A stuffed velveteen rabbit is given as a Christmas gift to a small boy and so begins the rabbit’s journey of transformation. Counseled by the kind and wise Skin Horse, the rabbit learns of a special kind of nursery magic that can someday make him real through the love of the little boy.

Using enchanting tabletop puppets and guided along by a live narrator, the Center for Puppetry Arts brings the story and characters of Marjery Williams’ timeless classic to life.

Find your inner child once again through the story’s universal themes of imagination, play, and deep abiding love. The author’s original wit and touching honesty are all respectfully reinvented in this live interactive puppet tale filled with humor and sincere warmth.

Please purchase your ticket at least one hour before the event begins and please purchase a ticket for each individual who will be viewing or participating in the program to ensure that everyone will be able to connect.

Length: 45-50 Minutes

Jeffrey Zwartjes
Digital Learning Artist-In-Residence
Jeffrey Zwartjes
Jeffrey C. Zwartjes is an Atlanta-based theater artist/illustrator/puppeteer from San Antonio, TX; B.F.A., Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Created & built the sets for the 2005 “puppet-noir” film The Lady From Sockholm, installed an underwater-themed playscape for the Alliance’s Theatre for the Very Young (Blub, Blub, 2015), most recently set designed at Kennesaw State U (Peter & the Starcatcher). Also a freelance illustrator & comic artist; illustrated over a dozen educators’ resource titles for Mar*Co Products & the children’s book “Irene the Elephant” by Geri Guadagno (New City Press).