Special Workshops | Ages 4-8 | online
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African Folktales

Join us on an adventure exploring folktales from Africa to West Virginia. Using music, song, and movement, our Teaching Artist will lead participants in the retelling of three folktales: John Henry, Abiyoyo, and Anansi the Spider.

Then sit back and watch Anansi and Sister Mud Turtle come to life in a shadow puppet show accompanied by Nigerian drumming and narration. You'll finish your African experience by making your own very own Anansi puppet!​  

Please support the Center by purchasing a ticket for everyone in your household who’ll be enjoying this presentation.  The total amount you choose to pay allows us to continue to create and share all our programming with you.

Tickets must be purchased at least one hour in advance of this special workshop.


Puppet: Anansi Shadow Puppet

Program Length: 60 Minutes

Brian Harrison Headshot
Brian Harrison
Brian Harrison was previously seen in the Centers production of Click Clack Moo:Cows That Type and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Brian thanks all of the artists and art lovers that help make the magic happen. Enjoy the show!