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Bring Your Stories to Live with Music

Presented by Refuse the Rat and Garbagebag (Jeffery Zwartjes and Seth Langer)

The puppet/human singing duo Refuse the Rat & Garbagebag (sometimes called “Seth Langer” and “Jeffrey Zwartjes”) will take folks on a tour through many of their musical works exploring ways songs—original, live, covered, or recorded—can be used to tell a story and how they often complement and go hand-in-hand (pun intended…) with puppetry!

We will look at some of the basics of songwriting, different types of instrumentation, and things to think about when writing lyrics. A good time will be had by all, capped off with a live mini folk concert! Refuse and Garbagebag have been seen/heard on WRFG and Gina’s Garbage Hour, at Margaret Mitchell House and Dad’s Garag and Puppet Sideshow, on Much Ado About Nerddom and more, and they will generously and joyfully share these experiences.

Upgrading Your Experience

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