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Something Special Just for Teens

Inspired by our popular Puppet Camp, this 4-session “mini camp” will challenge young artists to design and make puppets, brainstorm and devise stories, put characters into action—alongside kindred spirits, creative teens who are ready to dream, play, imagine, explore and create!

We’ll dive into a different style of puppetry each week, and host friends and families after our last session to share some of our favorite moments.

Must attend all 4 sessions.

For more information and registration call 404-873-3391.

Recommended Ages: 13-14

CPA A Baumgartner
Education Director
Aretta Baumgartner
Aretta is a performer/teaching artist specializing in puppetry, mask, and movement. She’s been a professional puppeteer since 1992. Aretta oversees more than 50 distinct types of educational programming and outreach. She is an active performer, teacher and creator of new works for puppetry. As a testament to her leadership in the puppetry community, Aretta was recently elected President of the Puppeteers of America.

Upgrading Your Experience

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