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Puppetry Pro Series

Toy Theaters were first made centuries ago for people to reenact the operas or plays they just saw. Now they are used to tell a story in their own right!

Join Storyteller and Puppeteer Scottie Rowell in raiding the recycling bin to create fun toy theaters perfect for any classroom, story circle, or puppet slam setting.

This three part workshop includes developing your story, building your toy theater, and making additional props and puppets to tell your story. In partnership with Teller Productions of Atlanta, GA.

Length: 2 Hours per Session

Ages: 16+

Price: $100 for Three Sessions

Time: 7:00 PM EDT

Location: Zoom

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Scottie Rowell
Scottie Rowell is an Autistic Atlanta-based artist specializing in storytelling, puppetry, and mixed media art. As the owner of Teller Productions, Scottie makes productions and art installations for families using sustainable materials -items that have been discarded, repurposed, or can easily be recycled. Scottie served as Puppet Director for the Kennedy Center for Performing Art’s world premiere of Mo Willem’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The Musical! and its two national tours. Scottie’s all-cardboard show, Super Cello! premiered with the National Symphony Orchestra & Kennedy Center in April 2022. More info and fun (including the short film Super Cello: Hero Practice) can be found at

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