Center For Puppetry Arts to Present TESLA VS EDISON Workshop

by Chloe Rabinowitz

The Center for Puppetry Arts is set to present a workshop of the new original puppet play, “Tesla Vs Edison”, written, conceived, and directed by Jason Hines, on Saturday, February 26th for an invited audience.

The show will be performed by puppeteers Alex Burnette*, Neal GhantJake Krakovsky, and Sarah Beth Moseley.

The creation of this show will be led by Jason Hines, who has served as the Center’s Resident Puppet Builder and Puppet Designer for eighteen years, with full support by the Center’s Production team, including Jon Ludwig, Artistic Director and Kristin Haverty, Producer.

Tesla vs Edison is based on the life and work of two men with very different visions of the future. Genius inventors Nikolas Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison were often directly at odds with each other. It is impossible to say if one was right and the other was wrong, because somehow, despite the apparent incompatibility of their dreams we are living in the future that they both envisioned and created. Our everyday is so saturated with miracles that it is easy to ignore the wonders all around us. It is important for us look back and realize that it is not the technology that drives us, but that we as individuals drive the technology. We are all dreamers and no matter our background or philosophy, WE have the ability to change the world.

The production will include working reproductions of some of their most important inventions. Edison’s phonograph, light bulb, and kinetograph. Tesla’s polyphase induction motor, resonant transformer (also known as the Tesla coil) and prototype radio. Puppetry will include a variety of object theatre, rod puppets, and bunraku puppets. The set is an inventors’ boxing ring of sorts with the very different workshops in either corner and an area in the center to do battle. Video reinforcement will allow viewers to see the intricate details of the working devices.

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