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For more than 40 years, the Center has offered an array of award-winning arts-infused learning experiences for children on the stage, in our Museum, through outreach in classrooms, and online. As a pioneer in the field of distance learning, the award-winning Center’s Digital Learning brings 20+ years of experience creating and delivering curriculum-based interactive online experiences. In 2020, our online programming was delivered to every state and nearly 90 countries around the world.

Whatever your programming needs, we’ve got you covered. Synchronous or asynchronous. Thirty minutes, an hour, or a specialized learning unit length. Literacy, science, social studies, history, math, or fine arts. Grades preK-12. A variety of scheduling options are available to provide the ideal student and purchasing experience.

Consider block booking at the district or school level to provide content consistency for a large number of students (with deep discounts), or at the grade or classroom level to provide personal, individualized arts-infused learning (with multiple-program discounts for grade-level purchases). Programs generally range between 45-60 minutes, but can be customized to support any class/learning unit length. We’re proud to extend group discounts to ALL school bookings

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If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. We offer curriculum-based workshops and puppet shows. All of the Digital Learning programs are live and interactive. Book your virtual field trip on a day and time that’s works best for you.
We have a wide variety of educational programs that are purpose-built to come to your location for live in-person, engaging puppetry experiences. Customized programs can also be created to fit classroom needs.
We have the resources you need to inform your decisions about which programs will be the most beneficial to your students.


The Center operates beautifully at the highest professional level. You should be extremely pleased at what you are accomplishing…it was absolutely delightful and extremely well done. I presented theatre for young people in all my theaters over 40 years, and that was one of the best productions that I have encountered. The audience was glued every minute (that’s a difficult audience to keep attentive).”

–Arnold B., Visitor – Performance Review

The Jim Henson Exhibit was just incredible. I got way more emotional than I expected. Seeing these characters in person was like visiting old childhood friends. // There are fond memories stitched inside that felt and fur! Puppetry is magical and the Center for Puppetry Art puts that magic right in front of your face!

-Anonymous Review of the Worlds of Puppetry Museum from Get Your Guide

My kids did not know what to expect and they were absolutely TRANSFIXED the whole time!! Like everyone else, we’ve been on a lot of zoom classes lately and I just wanted to say thank you for such excellent programming – all around – the lead artist, the seamless technical transitions, the inclusion of a craft – everything was superb. Thank you!

Review of Digital Learning Experience

Your workshop was AWESOME! My students loved it, and I loved it too! I will highly recommend this experience to other teachers at other schools.

Review of Onsite Educational Workshop

I recently held an event at Center for Puppetry Arts and wanted to express my gratitude regarding this beautiful experience. Each member of your staff was so compassionate, communicative, and made each member of the group feel welcomed and supported.”

– Group leader, Key Autism Services

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