COVID Protocols

Be Cool. Stay Safe. It’s something everyone can do.

New Guidelines for Your Visit

Now that the number of COVID cases in Georgia has fallen below 5% and the city-wide mask mandate has been lifted, the Center for Puppetry Arts is updating our COVID safety guidelines

Masks Strongly Recommended

Keeping Everyone Safe

While we will not require masks, we do strongly encourage them to be worn by anyone visiting the Center.

Masks help protect children who are too young and people who are not eligible to be vaccinated.

Center staff will be masked at all times – except when performers are performing,

Following the Experts

Updating Guidlines As Needed
  • The Center continues to do frequency of sanitizing and deep cleanings.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available in abundance around the Center.
  • The Center is following the latest recommendations from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Mask-Up Day

Sunday, November 28th
  • If you are not comfortable coming to the Center with people who may not be wearing masks, we’re setting aside a special Mask-Up Day on November 28th.
  • Everyone visiting the Center on that Sunday will be required to wear a mask at all times during that day.
  • Based on demand, we may offer an additional Mask-Up Day in December.  


Just So You Know
  • Guests are asked not to attend if they are feeling ill. We will happily change the date of your reservation.
  • Staff will not be allowed to work if they are ill and will always be masked.
  • For more information, call our ticket office at 404.873.3391 or email