Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Statement

We will realize our vision by building a culture where difference is valued

The Center for Puppetry Arts is deeply committed to fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in our local and global community. The Center realizes the unique ability of puppetry to tell diverse stories with diverse characters that relate to people from all cultures. We celebrate and embrace diverse voices, perspectives, backgrounds, and stories to inspire each other. Our conscious intention is to promote these principles in our programs, events, outreach, education and development opportunities, and communications, and to create safe spaces for groups and individuals to feel comfortable sharing their authentic selves.

We Are Committed To:

  • Expand the stories we tell and the storytellers we feature both onstage and behind the scenes.
  • Empower employees and volunteers at the Center for Puppetry Arts by promoting practices that nourish diversity and intentionally encourage a work culture that supports respect, collaboration, and belonging.
  • Build a safe and welcoming space that encourages groups and individuals in the local and global community to fully engage with us and experience a sense of respect and belonging, regardless of race, color, gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic background, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Offer equitable opportunities for engagement and connection with diverse audiences with a wide range of interests, cultures, backgrounds, ages, abilities, and experiences by showcasing and preserving global puppets and puppetry traditions from a wide range of cultures and partnering with other organizations. 

We Will Model This Through Our Actions That:

  • Increase the diversity of the stories that we tell and the storytellers 
  • Collect data to track our progress
  • Expand access to our programs, museum, and educational opportunities 
  • Build environments that promote belonging  

Learn More About Some of Our Initiatives

Puppetry Now

Featuring Raymond Carr January 2025

Through an annual solo exhibition and collecting efforts, Puppetry Now provides space and support to puppeteers and artists of color, while increasing the museum’s connection to the current state of puppetry.

Sensory-Friendly Sundays

Sensory-Friendly Sunday Logo

Guests with sensory sensitivities (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other developmental differences are invited to enjoy the Center for Puppetry Arts in a fun, comfortable, and welcoming environment!

ASL-Interpreted Performances

ASL-Interpreted Performance Logo

Guests who are deaf or hard of hearing are invited to enjoy performances with an American Sign Language interpreter who will interpret shows in their entirety from our Family Series productions. Click below to learn more.

Audio-Described Performance

Audio-Described Performances logo

Guests with visual impairments needing additional audio support will enjoy performances accompanied by live verbal commentary describing essential visuals in puppets, costumes, sets, and staging.

Field Trip Fund

Field Trip Funds enable the Center to offer over 70,000 deeply discounted (sometimes free) tickets each year to school and community groups, so all kids can enjoy our arts-infused education programs throughout the year through arts-infused field trips.

Passport for Puppetry

The Passport to Puppetry admits four (4) people to the World of Puppetry Museum OR a patron can receive a 25% discount on an All-Inclusive Ticket. By using the code LIBRARY, patrons may pre-purchase their All-Inclusive ticket online in advance of their visit

Fulton County Free Days

The Center is one of many top destinations that offer free admission on certain days or if you fall into certain categories. Click below to learn more about other discounts!

Cross-Cultural Stories &
Diverse Programs

A cute cartoon rabbit embracing its child.

The Center offers performances, a museum, and special exhibits that represent a wide range of cultures such as Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote , based on the book by Duncan Tonatiuh

We will do this through shared understanding and use the following definitions to guide our efforts:

Diversity is defined as the presence or representation of the multiple and intersectional identities of all members of our community. Diversity represents the ways we identify personally, culturally, and socially. It is the spectrum and intersections of humankind—our different perspectives, ways of thinking and being, and the families, communities, groups, and cultures from which we have come. When our differences are valued, appreciated, cared for, and leveraged, our unique talents, gifts, abilities, and perspectives enrich our learning and our understanding of each other and the world. This richness of diversity offers a competitive advantage by fostering a community of sophisticated, creative thinkers and problem solvers. We thrive because we are diverse. 

Equity, at its core, is about treating people fairly as individuals. This does not mean treating everyone the same but instead requires us to ensure that everyone has the same access, opportunity, and resources to thrive and to be successful and recognized for their contributions to our community. Equity requires that we treat each person as an individual and meet them where they are—not where we preconceive or assume they should be. It accounts for people having different circumstances and allocates resources and opportunities needed for all to flourish equally within our ecosystem. Equity also requires us to be vigilant in evaluating our policies, procedures, and practices. Equity preserves and guarantees access, resources, and genuine fairness for all members of our community

Inclusion is the intentional practice of ensuring that all voices are heard, all people matter, and that we foster a culture of connection, understanding, and respect in our daily interactions. Every employee, volunteer, and visitor to the Center for Puppetry Arts is a leader with the ability to positively influence others. The expectation of leaders is to ensure that all feel welcome, valued, respected, and have a sense of shared power as a member of this community. 

Belonging is a felt sense of complete acceptance. It is an essential human need that relates to our drive to be part of a group or something bigger than ourselves. It is achieved when we feel connected to other people, groups, and even a place or an organization, its mission, and its common goals. When we experience belonging, we feel safe to bring our whole and full selves, behave authentically, and take interpersonal risks while doing our best work. Conversely, when this sense of belonging is absent, we experience exclusion and a felt sense of disconnection. When we are deprived of this basic psychological need it affects our motivation, well-being, and ability to learn and perform at our best. Belonging is only possible when everyone feels seen, present, fully included, and confident that they will be treated fairly. 

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