Puppetry NOW

Puppetry NOW

Puppetry NOW turns the museum’s focus to the art of our time and artists with limited representation in our historical collections.

Through an annual solo exhibition and collecting efforts, the initiative provides space and support to puppeteers and artists of color, while increasing the museum’s connection to the current state of puppetry.

Upcoming Puppetry NOW Artist

Raymond Carr

Special Exhibition

January 24-April 27, 2025

The Ninja Puppet Shenaniganza featuring Raymond vs Raymond

January 23-February 2, 2025


Raymond Carr boasts a multifaceted career spanning over 15 years, encompassing roles as a filmmaker, theatrical director, designer, and Puppeteer. His acclaimed films have garnered recognition at prestigious film festivals worldwide, including those qualifying for Oscars. Specializing in the realms of sci-fi, dark fantasy, and horror, his highly stylized works captivate audiences with their distinctive aesthetic. Carr’s creative expertise extends beyond filmmaking; he has lent his design and puppeteering talents to The Jim Henson Company, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, IFC, and BBC. His production portfolio also extends to Discovery Channel, Vice TV, Facebook TV, and various commercial and theatrical studios. Blending his background in design, puppetry, and animatronic effects with his directorial prowess, Carr crafts immersive worlds characterized by dynamism and richness.

Past Puppetry NOW Artists


Jeghetto’s 5P1NOK10 (Spinokio)

This past Puppetry NOW! exhibition explored Jeghetto’s imagined and inventive world of 5P1N0K10 (Spinokio), diving into the backstories of the characters that fill this Afro-futurist universe. Visitors came face-to-face with Jeghetto’s large-scale, interactive found object creations, experimenting with manipulation themselves while feeling transported by puppetry. This exhibition was also included with the patron’s Museum admission.

The artist Jeghetto posing in front of his sculpture wearing a light gray shirt and goggles with bronze lenses


Tarish Pipkins a.k.a. Jeghetto, was born in the small steel mill town of Clairton, PA located south of Pittsburgh. He is a self-taught artist who has been creating art from a very young age.

In 2008, he started working with Paperhand Puppet Intervention. He has built puppets and performed in several Paperhand productions. In 2018, Jeghetto had the pleasure of working with recording artist Missy Elliott on her music video for WTF (Where They From), controlling the Pharell puppet and assisting with puppet building. He has since worked on numerous music videos, commercials, and performance projects. Jeghetto’s passion is promoting oneness through the magic of puppetry.

Poncili Creación


Identical twin brothers Pablo and Efrain Del Hierro from Santurce, Puerto Rico have been touring the world with their signature mash-up of abstract body puppetry, dance, carnival, and improv.

Their work has been described as “a new kind of performance art: smart, entertaining, unpretentious, and totally wild”

Art Collective Hungry Garden by Poncili Creación

Nehprii Amenii


A passionate theatre artist and founder of Khunum Productions, Nehprii Amenii is renowned for her work in puppetry, grand-scale spectacle, and personal narratives. With over 20 years of experience as an educator and curriculum developer, she utilizes puppetry, multi-media arts, and storytelling to mentor teachers in curriculum differentiation and teaches English to young immigrants in New York public schools. Her creations break down barriers between players and audiences, sparking imagination and inspiring new perspectives.

HUMAN by Nephrii Amenii

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