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Puppetry NOW ft. Raymond Carr Opening Reception

Join us for the newest installment of Puppetry NOW with the opening reception of guest artist Raymond Carr’s solo exhibition. Throughout the evening, enjoy a first peek at the exhibition and hear from the artist about their work.

Cash bar

Complimentary light bites

Ages 18 and up

Puppetry NOW

Puppetry NOW turns the museum’s focus to the art of our time and artists with limited representation in our historical collections.
Through an annual solo exhibition and collecting efforts, the initiative provides space and support to puppeteers and artists of color, while increasing the museum’s connection to the current state of puppetry.
Raymond Carr
Puppeteer | Filmmaker
Raymond Carr
Raymond Carr started his professional career here at the Center, performing short pieces in XPT and full-length shows as a resident puppeteer. He has since been professionally trained by the Jim Henson Company and frequently works in Hollywood on various large-scale puppetry productions. He is skilled in state-of-the-art animatronics, Muppet-style puppetry, motion capture digital puppetry, and traditional theatrical puppetry.

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