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Museum Costume Party with a Twist

Themes vary by date.

Puppets and Pints is an interactive adults-only Museum event that happens in our Worlds of Puppetry Museum. Each Puppets and Pints is unique and could include a gaming competition, scavenger hunt, music and dancing, or all of the above. The individual themes for each evening are designed to allow guests to immerse themselves into the Center’s Puppet Artifact collection.

These evenings allow patrons to interact, investigate, and enjoy the Center’s Museum in a relaxed, child-free environment. Light snacks are served at each Puppets and Pints event and wine and beer are available for purchase during the event.


Upgrading Your Experience

We’re so glad you are considering a trip to Center for Puppetry Arts. The Center is open with programming Tuesday-Sunday with our Ticket Sales Office open 7 days a week from 9 am-5 pm.