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{"performances":{"35724":{"Id":35724,"Description":"Yukon Cornelius Look-Alike","PerfDate":{"date":"2021-11-20 00:00:00.000000","timezone_type":1,"timezone":"-05:00"},"PerfTS":1637445600,"DateTimeString":"November 20, 5:00 PM","InThePast":true,"BeforeToday":true,"ProductionSeason":35723,"generalPrice":null,"memberPrice":null,"generalZonePrices":null,"memberZonePrices":null,"seats":115}},"performanceDates":{"35724":1637384400},"reducedPricePerfs":[],"sensoryFriendlyPerfs":[],"soldOutPerfs":null,"firstDate":null,"urlOverride":null}

Who's the real Yukon Cornelius?

Grab a beanie and a beard and channel your inner arctic prospector energy! Come join us for photo ops in the North Pole and mingling with your fellow Cornelii. Enter a runway-style event and costume contest for some holiday prizes to celebrate the season.

This event is an inclusive, all-gender, race, and age costume contest.

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