Masks: Outer Image, Inner Spirit (1983 Museum Exhibit Catalog)

Masks: Outer Image, Inner Spirit (1983 Museum Exhibit Catalog)

Masks are man-made objects—sculptures really—which cover the face of a performer so that she or he may represent a character or spirit of heightened, larger-than-life presence. Both masks and puppets are performing objects. A remarkable and quite wonderfully consistent aspect of both mask and puppet theater is that practically every single culture in the world has some mask or puppet tradition in its past or present. Learn more about the mask as a form of puppetry with this fascinating exhibit catalog from 1983.

Curated By: Dr. John Bell

Themes: Masks as performance object, Masks as cross cultural

Highlights: Modern Masks, Asian Masks, African Masks, European Masks, Commedia Dell’Arte, Latin American Masks, North American Masks

Styles: Mask

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