Puppetry of China (1984 Museum Exhibit Catalog)

Puppetry of China (1984 Museum Exhibit Catalog)

Over the centuries puppeteers in China have entertained audiences at rural fairs and in city squares, giving special performances to mark festivals, weddings, birthdays, and funerals or to protect villages in times of famine or illness. The performers passed their special skills from father to son, preserving their distinctive movements, songs, and play texts and further refining them in each generation. This exhibition, which illustrated the four style of Chinese puppet theater, also discussed how artists in China in the 1980s were bringing new flair to an age-old art form. Learn more by downloading this enriching museum catalog from the 1984 Puppetry of China exhibit.

Curated By: Roberta Stalberg

Themes: Chinese Puppetry, Contemporary vs. Traditional uses

Highlights: Four types of Chinese Puppetry

Styles: Hand Puppets, String Puppets, Rod Puppets, Shadow Puppets

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