Puppetry of India (1986 Museum Exhibit Catalog)

Puppetry of India (1986 Museum Exhibit Catalog)

India has a rich heritage of all forms of puppetry. Its puppetry integrates the religious and mythological sensibilities with the everyday life of the people, thereby keeping the ancient stories and legends alive for all levels of society. The puppets themselves are ornately decorated and festive in a true folk theater tradition. The puppet theater, which grew out of religious traditions, is still an important part of the present popular culture. In the exhibition, the majority of the figures were characters from the classic Hindu epic poem, the Ramayana. Learn more in this catalog of our 1986 exhibit, Puppetry of India.

Curated By: Diane Kempler with Assistance from Dr. Melvyn Helstien and Alan Cook

Themes: Indian Cultural and Religion, Great Indian Epics

Highlights: Figures for the Ramayana

Styles: Hand Puppets, String Puppets, and Shadow Puppets

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