1990_The Puppetry of Janie Geiser

1990_The Puppetry of Janie Geiser

An important goal of the Center’s mission is to produce and present new works inpuppetry by leaders in the field. One such artist is Janie Geiser. In 1981 Ms. Geiser and the other members of The Jottay Theatre became affiliate artists at the Center, premiering eleven original works for adult audiences. Geiser and the company had been nationally and internationally praised for their contribution to the art of puppetry. Following their third Citation of Excellence from UNIMA-USA the Center felt it was an appropriate time to review the extraordinary body of work that is the puppetry of Janie Geiser. An understanding of Ms. Geiser’s evolutionary process can be gained by tracing her history as a visual artist, puppeteer, designer and puppet maker, director and author. This exploration parallels the developments and advancements which have occurred nationally in the field of puppetry.

Curated By: Walton Harris

Themes: American Puppetry, Performance, Atlanta

Highlights: The Jottay Theatre

Styles: Rod, Shadow, Rod Marionette

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