1992_Puppetry: Echoes of Society

1992_Puppetry: Echoes of Society

Puppetry is an exciting art to study. In viewing a puppet performance, audiences become fascinated with the mystery and magic the object is capable of and touched by the symbolism inherent in the performance. Puppetry is a special art which knows no bounds. The puppet is not limited as flesh and blood actors, who are restricted by their bodies. A puppet can reach beyond the possibilities of the “real world” because of its creative construction. When brought to life, the puppet can offer an exciting world of art and entertainment, rich in myths, rituals, and cultural heritage. The Museum strives to present this world of performance within its artistic, historical and cultural perspectives, and this exhibit of the Center’s permanent collection, “Puppetry: Echoes of Society,” is no exception.

Curated By: Kerry McCarthy

Themes: Diversity of Puppetry, Global Nature of Puppetry,

Highlights: Asian Puppetry, North American Puppetry, African Puppetry, European Puppetry, Jim Henson, Punch and Judy

Styles: All Styles

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