1998_From Marionettes To Muppets: The Puppet Photography of Richard Termine

1998_From Marionettes To Muppets: The Puppet Photography of Richard Termine

Resident Photographer for Sesame Street since 1985, Richard Termine has taken his camera beyond Jim Henson’s Muppets. The photographs in this exhibit are a mere hint of Termine’s passion for puppetry and photography – a passion he feels equally for each. In his own words, “the exhibit celebrates photography and the puppet artists represented in the photos.” Termine studied with Frank Ballard at the University of Connecticut where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and a Masters of Fine Arts in Puppetry.

Uncomfortable with idle time, Termine began taking photographs during free moments on the sets of Henson productions. Termine’s willingness and helpful nature was put to good use – for the company and himself, His images have evolved from documentary photography of Muppet television shows and workshops to the broader work of a performance arts photographer. With little formal photography training, he answered his own question: “How do you take a photo of an inanimate object that only comes to life through sound and movement?” Photography has become another outlet for Termine alongside his puppetry, and each photograph of this exhibit is a testament to his passion.

Exhibit Coordinator: Richard Termine with support from Museum Director, Dona Aaron, and Frank Ballard

Themes: Sesame Street, The Muppets, Puppetry, Photography, Arts Photography

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