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After you watch the video you can create a puppet of your very own with our Create-A-Puppet Workshop puppet kits. These kits are custom-designed to accompany our on-demand puppet shows and are available in our Etsy shop.

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Beauty and the Beast

Adapted and directed by Jon Ludwig

Loyalty and kindness reign when a young girl befriends a hideous monster without knowing that he is really a handsome prince who had a spell cast upon him.

This enchanting adaptation of the classic French fairy tale is told using puppets made from found objects. Beauty’s the loveliest mop-top law student you’ve ever seen, the Beast’s stringy strands hang from deer antlers, and other puppets are made from brooms, umbrellas, rakes and even shopping bags!

See trash turn into treasure and inspire your imagination!

After you watch Beauty and the Beast, be create your own Burly Beast rod puppet with a template from our Etsy store! 

The Body Detective

Eye spy…a body! A living, breathing body has been found! But who’s responsible?! Find out as Detective Sam Flat Foot sleuths his way through Bodytown in this spine-tingling, nail-biting, hip-swinging musical whodunit.

He swaps sweet talk with the drop-dead gorgeous torch singer Lips; bones up on the body’s framework with a dancing skeleton; and catches a capillary for a wild taxi ride.

Dramatic lighting, film-noir tunes and a shadowy cityscape set the stage for this spectacular suspense told with hand-and-rod, string and shadow puppets.

After you solve the mystery, create your own Lovable Lips Hand Puppet with a template from our Etsy store!

Cinderella Della Circus

Adapted by Jon Ludwig

With high-flying thrills, Cinderella Della Circus brings puppetry and the circus together with fairytale magic.

After you watch our Cinderella Della Circus, be sure to create your own Stretcho Rod Puppet with a template from our Etsy store!


ROAR! Do you want to be a dinosaur? Francine, a frustrated young songbird, sure does!

When Francine’s mother drags down the old family album and opens the magical heirloom, the two go back in time and discover the pre-historical steps of the gentle giants, primeval predators and leaping lizards that one stalked the earth.

Fascinating dino-facts are revealed as erupting volcanoes, catchy tunes, and life-like hand, rod and body puppets make this colossal creation come to life!

After you watch our Dinosaurs, be sure to create your own Brachiosaurus shadow puppet with a template from our Etsy store!

The Little Pirate Mermaid

Adapted by Jon Ludwig

Ahoy, Mateys! Hoist up the main sail and get ready for Hans Christian Andersen’s tale with a swashbuckling musical twist. What’s in store for the Mermaid Princess turned helpful pirate and her buccaneer beau?

Take the plunge and see this exciting marionette adventure featuring a bountiful ocean of puppets, unique characters, original music, stunning stage effects, and bubbly action!

After you watch our Little Pirate Mermaid, be sure to create your own Stingray Marionette with a template from our Etsy store!

The Plant Doctors

Written and directed by Jon Ludwig

Dr. Deadly Nightshade got up on the wrong side of the bed and he’s plotting a takeover of the most inhospitable kind! Will Dr. Green Onion, Dr. Spud (a new potato) and a colorful cast of singing and dancing vegetation be able to save the General Botanical Hospital from the evil doctor’s plans?

Find out as engaging hand-and-rod puppets, shadow puppets and body puppets prove plants have feelings too!

After you watch The Plant Doctors, create your own Dr. Spud hand puppet with a template from our Etsy store! 

The Reluctant Dragon

Adapted and performed by Bobby Box
Based on the story by Kenneth Grahame

He’s green! He’s winged! He’s Huge! He’s…a poet? Why yes, he is. And a very good one at that!
A peaceful dragon moves into a nice clean cave in the mountains and becomes friends with a young boy.

The town below is frightened, so they hire Sir George the Dragon Slayer! Will the boy be able to save his friend the Dragon? This classic from Kenneth Grahame, acclaimed author of The Wind in the Willows, comes magically to life with rod puppets.

After you watch the show, bring your own Reluctant Dragon to life with our rod and string puppet kit! Visit our Etsy store. 

Ruth and the Green Book

Based on the book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey,
with illustrations by Floyd Cooper
Adapted and Directed by Jon Ludwig
Produced by special arrangement with Lerner Publishing Group

Chronicling a relatively-unknown chapter in Civil Rights history, Ruth and the Green Book follows an African American family as they travel from Chicago to Alabama in the Jim Crow South of the 1950s.

After being turned away from hotels, gas stations, and restaurants, 8-year-old Ruth and her parents are introduced to “The Green Book,” a travel guide for black motorists conceived as a response to the humiliation and violence experienced by African Americans while traveling.

With “The Green Book,” Ruth’s family, like many others, find safe routes to welcoming places and people.

Please note that this production depicts scenes of racial discrimination.
Click here for a family resource to encourage conversations about equity, race consciousness and anti-racism.

The Shoemaker and the Elves

Adapted by Bobby Box and Lorna Howley
Based on the story by The Brothers Grimm
Directed by Bobby Box

Mel and Tootsie Footmeyer have kept their shoe store open for 42 years, but business is not booming as it once had, and this year may prove to be the last.

What can they do? Enter Frankie and Gino, two bumbling, lovable elves who have nothing but time on their hands and a burning desire to build, build, build!

Come join the fun as Santa’s shoe artists help the Footmeyers spread good cheer all around New York City. Expect exciting celebrity appearances and swinging big band music to keep the holiday spirit hopping.

After you watch The Shoemaker and the Elves, bring your own Energetic Elf Hand Puppet to life with a template from our Etsy store.

The Veleteen Rabbit

Adapted by Bobby Box and Rita Byers
Based on the book by Margery Williams

In this bedtime-sweet adaptation of Margery Williams’ classic tale, a boy and his shy, stuffed bunny are best buddies who enjoy the simple comforts of friendship.

Snubbed by his mechanical toy companions, the rabbit has just one wish: to become “real.” Do dreams come true? Can fabric turn into fur?

Playful melodies, lovable hand-and-rod puppets, and a magical marionette reveal a heartwarming end to the ultimate toy story!

After you watch the show, bring your own Velveteen Rabbit to life with our tabletop puppet kit available in our Etsy store. 

Weather Rocks

Join the Weather People as they open up the floodgates on the mysteries of Mother Nature with cool facts about rain, snow, twisters, sunshine and other weather phenomena.

Gospel, boogie, country, bossa nova, folk, R&B and more ignite the skies in this unpredictable musical review! Tommy the Talking Thermometer trades secrets about temperature, the Sun explains how he sets the weather in motion, and cloud-lounging angels share the glory of the sky.

More than 25 hand puppets, rod puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets and body puppets bring this “en-lightening” fun to this colorful, educational spectacle!

After you learn all about the weather, be sure to check out our Etsy store for instructions to create your own Shining Sun hand puppet!

Puppet Pow!: Puppetry Basics

Take a deeper dive into the Puppetry Basics.

This collection contains numerous short videos on specific Puppetry Basics including: What is a Puppet?, Movement and Stillness, Entrances/Exits/Floor, Focus and Transfer of Energy, Meaningful Movement/Lip Sync.

PERFECT to use for a variety of schedules, educational settings and curriculums.


Puppet Pow! Puppetry of Asia

Ningyo Joruri (one of Japan’s classics theatre forms),

Masks Rods & Shadows (an overview of Indonesian puppetry),

Wayang Kulit (a focused exploration of shadow puppet theatre of Indonesia),

Budaixi (glove puppetry of Taiwan),

Great Stories and Dancing Dolls (puppetry of India), Vietnamese Water Puppetry.


Puppet Pow! Puppetry of Europe

Dr. Balanzone (glove puppetry of Bologna, Italy),

Opera Dei Pupi (Italy’s treasured marionette tradition), Mr. Punch & His Swazzle (glove puppetry of England),

Karaghoz & Hacivat (traditional Turkish shadow puppet theatre),

Guignol (France’s “puppet of the people”). 


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