2020-2021 Educator Resource Guide

Virtual On-Demand Field Trip Experiences


Invite experienced digital learning educators into your classroom to support your virtual learning journey!

The Center for Puppetry Arts is proud to offer virtual versions of our popular arts and arts education programming that meet your new and ever-changing scheduling, learning experience, lesson plan, and budgetary requirements.

Whatever your program needs, we have got you covered. Synchronous or asynchronous. Recorded or live. Thirty minutes, an hour, or a specialized learning unit length. Literacy, science, social studies, history, math, or fine arts. Grades PreK-12. Representing twenty-two years of award-winning Digital Learning programming, the Center’s puppet shows and workshops are the perfect virtual field trip for classroom and home learning! We look forward to supporting your learning journey through the magic of puppetry arts!

Please note that while we are not currently offering virtual Museum programming, our Worlds of Puppetry Museum is open with limited capacity to ensure safe social distancing.

Click on the titles and the links embedded below for more information or call 404-881-5117.

Click on the titles below for more information and to request a workshop or click here for a complete listing of all of the workshops for educators. We have numerous titles and subjects from which to choose.

Live, Interactive Curriculum-Based Workshops

Special Workshops in the Art of Puppetry

These live interactive workshops that explore the magic of puppetry allow participants to celebrate creativity, global culture, theatre history, team building, communication, and the intersection of all fine arts. Click on the titles below for more information or to request a program. Click here for a complete list of digital workshops.

Also available: Tales Told Through Puppetry (Teacher Professional Development Workshop), Puppet + STEM = Science Magic! and Puppet POW! video collections. Artist Residencies are also available!

Live, Interactive Create-A-Puppet Workshops™

These live interactive puppet-building sessions feature a curriculum-based learning activity, guided step-by-step construction of a puppet, and a puppetry performance lesson. Click on the titles below to visit our Etsy store for details. Click here for a complete list of all of the puppets that are available in our Etsy store.

After downloading a classroom pack PDF from our Etsy shop, gather low-cost/no-cost easy-to-find materials from your classroom or home art studio and join a live workshop featuring a wide variety of characters across a wide variety of puppetry styles.

Video Rentals

Click on the titles below to view a trailer to rent an archival video. These are just a few of the many performances available in our digital library. Click here for a complete listing of all of our on-demand videos.

Create-A-Puppet Workshops™ to Enhance Your Video Experience

Live, interactive Create-A-Puppet Workshops™ that support the themes and characters in the puppet shows are also available. These workshops can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone experience. Purchase a Group/Classroom pack from our Etsy store and add on a live, interactive session via Zoom. Witness creativity and curriculum coming to life through puppetry. Email education@puppet.org for more information or to schedule your workshop. Available for all titles in the Vimeo library.

Multi-Experience Virtual Field Trips

Customized experiences can be created that combine our shows, workshops, and tours! Enjoy a video puppet show and follow it up with a live instructor-led Create-A-Puppet Workshop that features a character from the show. Combine a live curriculum-based workshop on a geographical area with a live post-show “behind the scenes” question/answer session with Center artists after watching a video puppet show. The sky’s the limit—we’re happy to work with you to create the perfect virtual field trip that meets your needs.

Pricing and Scheduling Options

A variety of scheduling options are available to provide the ideal student and purchasing experience. Consider block booking at the district or school level to provide content consistency for a large number of students (with deep discounts), or at the grade or classroom level to provide personal, individualized arts-infused learning (with multiple-program discounts for grade-level purchases). Programs generally range between 45-60 minutes but can be customized to support any class/learning unit length. We’re proud to extend group discounts to ALL school bookings

Program Delivery Options

We’re delighted to be able to offer program delivery in whatever way you and your students or colleagues learn best!

-Video-on-demand experience (via Vimeo): pre-recorded puppet shows and Puppet POW! video collections

-Live and interactive online experience: puppet shows, curriculum-based workshops, Create-A-Puppet Workshops ™, and puppetry workshops

-Live in-person experience (select programs ONLY! contact-free, with no supply sharing and with health and safety precautions in place)

-Preschool Puppetry Playshops, Puppetry As Theatre Art, Tales Told Through Puppetry (Teacher Professional Development Workshop)

To schedule your experience, contact our digitallearning@puppet.org or call 404-881-5117,

NOTE: we host our programs via the Zoom cloud-based video communications platform, but are comfortable presenting via any platform you choose.

A downloadable PDF of all of our program offerings is available below,

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